The Girl World

"GIRL is for the Nostalgic Dreamer"


What is Girl About?

GIRL is a fashion, lifestyle and art magazine that puts a spotlight on authentic female voices.

A feeling is conveyed every time you flip through a magazine. At GIRL we want that feeling to be one of inspiration, nostalgia and honesty. A magazine that makes you dream and get lost in it’s whimsical fashion editorials. A magazine that opens your mind with thoughtful articles.

Girl magazine is not just edited down but instead every issue is specifically curated for our readers to get lost in the GIRL world. What is the GIRL world you may ask? A place for those who view the world as open/ equal and exciting. A place for the forward moving thinker to become inspired and empowered.

We are a quarterly print magazine that prides ourselves on having a quality print issue that is beautifully crafted and made to last.

We also feature online exclusives.

How to submit?

Our submissions are always open for fashion editorials, writing and art please follow our submission guidelines closely.

Fashion Editorials:

  • We consider fashion stories for both print and our online exclusives, you can submit directly to our e-mail or on Kavyar
  • Fashion stories must have 4-8 different styled looks in total (not the same look in each shot) and must demonstrate a cohesive story with a variety of ideas expressed and angles etc.
  • Models used must express the stories theme and the aesthetic of GIRL magazine.
  • We don't accept anything too dark or edgy, we look for images with an artistic and whimsical flare (see our past issues for reference)
  • If your editorial is accepted we have an agreement that must be read and accepted.
  • Though we put an emphasis on female teams we do accept photography by males, however the subject must always be female.

We only accept art work and written content by females, those who identify as female or gender fluid. Submit written work and art here:


Kitsu Boutique:                            

195 Locker Street St. S #2 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Magazine Heaven:                    

Rushden NN10 6AP, UK

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